Hi Eric,

Great questions! The more insights you can put in front of a teacher at the point of learning the better! So, developers should be thinking up front about how a teacher is likely to use their software and what questions they are likely to have about how students are learning. That data should be converted to insights and presented at the point of decision. The last thing you want to do is overload teachers with data which makes all of it pointless.

Easier said than done! There aren’t any great analogies for this in other fields, precisely because it’s so difficult to do.

With regards to third party stamps of approval, I imagine this is where the sector will move to, but it will take a couple of decades. The transformation in medicine happened the same way (took about 70 years!) and the FDA emerged as the government party that provided the regulatory stamp on potential treatments. I don’t think education is ready yet for that, but the more people start to rigorously gather evidence and use it to make decisions, the closer we’ll get to that point!

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SVP Product, @Pearson. Dabble in educ investing. Passion for turning ed into outcomes. Former teacher, principal, consultant & coder. History buff.

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