• Michelle Spencer

    Michelle Spencer

    Passionate about project-based learning, equity & educational reform. Founder of Clovereducation.com, consultant to schools, districts and edtech companies.

  • Captain Cornelius

    Captain Cornelius

    Manoeuvring ships for no good reasons since ’98 |

  • Joseph Lynch

    Joseph Lynch

    Angry. For smaller government, lower taxes and anti EU. Would have flourished in the Raj.

  • Ian Chiang

    Ian Chiang

  • Katelyn Donnelly

    Katelyn Donnelly

    Investor @ Avalanche VC. Katelyn co-founded Delivery Associates and Pearson Ventures. Constantly curious. Duke grad, Kauffman Fellow, McKinsey alum.

  • Dr. Jordan Amadio

    Dr. Jordan Amadio

    Neurosurgeon. Harvard MBA. Experience seeker. Founder of NeuroLaunch. Part thinker, part doer. The future of health + brain + culture.

  • Jo Moon PRICE

    Jo Moon PRICE

    Life is good. One moment, right now, just do it. Creative Specialist @Pearson

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